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VeloToze Shoe Cover - Tall
  • VeloToze Shoe Cover - Tall

VeloToze Shoe Cover - Tall

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VeloToze Shoe Cover - Tall


VeloToze Tall shoe covers are designed for road cycling on cold, rainy or snowy days. Whether it’s race day, training day a sportive day or just another commute day, veloToze tall shoe covers will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable.

Top Features of the VeloToze Tall Shoe Covers

Fitting; Please check out the video for fitting instruction before first trying your overshoes- Care is required when fitting - avoid any sharp edges to cleats or ratchet systems - please do follow the instructions in order to fit correctly
Waterproof and windproof - Latex Rubber fully protects
Aerodynamic - Latex rubber gives a close aero fit
No zippers or hook and loop closures - fully sealed design prevents seeping water
Lightweight and Compact - easily stowed away when not required
Care Instructions
Clean wipe with a cool, wet cloth. Do not put shoe covers in clothes washer.
To dry, hang shoe covers over a hanger or ledge or wipe with a dry cloth. The material does not absorb water, so they should dry quickly. Do not put shoe covers in clothes dryer. After repeated use, apply talcum or baby powder to inside of shoe cover to prevent sticking. Do not store in direct sunlight

Product Data

Thermal: Yes
Windproof: Yes
Commuter: Yes
Cleat Holes: Yes
Stretchy: Yes
High Visibility: No
Road: Yes

Total Rain Protection

The Velotoze shoe covers are a product with a singularly focused aim; fully protecting your feet when you ride in the wet. Through the unique totally sealed design, latex rubber construction and close aero fit water is effectively sealed out. For any sort of wet day riding the VeloToze Tall shoe covers are the perfect product for the job. Even if you only choose to use them on "big day" rides they should become an essential item in your kit bag as nothing performs better in wet conditions. And they look great too!



Due to the fully flexible design without zippers or velcro there is a recommended method for getting the veloToze on. Once you've mastered it you'll find it does becomes second nature and a simple, easy process.
  • 1: Put on your normal cycling socks first - no shoes at this stage

  • 2: Pull the shoe cover on like a sock

  • 3: Put your foot through the large cleat hole. Now put on your shoes

  • 4: Pull the VeloToze cover over the heel of your shoe FIRST, then the toe. Take care the first few times of putting them on as they can tear if snagged on a cleat or over stretched. If you are off the bike and walking around just unhook the cover from the toe of the shoe and roll it back to avoid scuffing and tearing on the toe end

  • 5: Adjust around ankle, cleats and heel pad. Ensure no part of shoe covers are over cleats or heel pad. Ensure the top of your shoe cover is against your skin and not over your cycling socks or water may enter the shoe cover.

  • 6: Hey presto you're ready to roll


The veloToze Tall shoe covers offer many features and benefits for riders who ride through the rain.

They're Waterproof: VeloToze Tall Shoe Covers are designed to form a tight seal with your calf, to keep your feet and shoes dry and prevent water seeping in from above.

They're Windproof: Windproof materials keep your feet warm even on cold morning or winter rides (5C/40F to 16C/60F). No wind penetration means no wind-chill to rob you of warmth.

They're Lightweight: Made of a flexible, lightweight material that doesn't retain water when wet.

No zippers or velcro straps : The innovative design flexes over your shoe, so there are no vulnerable points where water can enter, like zippers or velcro on traditional overshoes.

They're Aerodynamic: A smooth, flexible material creates a form-fitting design for excellent aerodynamics.

Compact: Easily fits in jersey pocket or saddle bag.

About the VeloToze brand

Velotoze was born out of necessity by a group of dedicated cyclists in Sonoma County, California. They wanted to enjoy their rides in the rain or cold and still end up with warm, dry feet. Whether it’s race day, training day or just another day riding to the office, we hope you will enjoy having comfortable feet to push you forward.


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