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VeloToze Toe Covers
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VeloToze Toe Covers

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VeloToze Toe Covers


The Toe cover is designed to keep cyclists’ feet warm on cool, foggy mornings. They are also great for athletes who want an aero shoe cover but compete in events with short transitions, like triathlons.

veloToze® Toe covers are made of a flexible, lightweight material that is waterproof, windproof and aerodynamic. They are very light, weighing less than 25 grams a pair. They are also compact, folding up smaller than a spare tube, which allows them to easily fit in a jersey pocket or saddle bag. Triathletes can put them on their cycling shoes before a race, saving valuable time in transition.

"After seeing such excitement globally for our Tall and Short shoe covers, we decided to launch a version for warmer weather and triathletes,” said Joe Feng, President of veloToze®. “We were thrilled to have riders win the World Championships wearing our shoe covers and wanted to make a product for cyclists with different needs."

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