Race Blade Mudguards - Road Bike
  • Race Blade Mudguards - Road Bike

Race Blade Mudguards - Road Bike


Race Blade Mudguards


The Race Blade Mudguards are our most popular road bike mudguards, bearing the hallmarks of quality, a great fit, tough and durable.

Key Features:

An extremely light aerodynamic mudguard set that offers excellent spray protection

Designed specifically for road race bikes without standard mudguard clearance

Simple tool-free mechanism makes fitting and removal effortless

Adjustable rubber bands provide a secure and safe fit, without damaging the frame Frame-facing side of the bracket carries a rubber insert to further protect precious paintwork

Ultra tough CAB plastic blade is stiff and light, more resistant to UV damage than standard plastics, and carries an aluminium foil strip sandwiched between the layers of plastic to improve rigidity and lifespan

The adjustable brackets use 3.4 mm stainless steel stays to provide extra stiffness, and can be manipulated to help trim the mudguard and offer the perfect fit Supplied with 2 spare rubber fitting bands, and 8 zip ties for a more permanent fitting option

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